Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas shopping + Y.E.S

In conjunction with the year end sale happening everywhere in K.L, my whole family had been going all out to spend all our hard earned money for 2009, and i've just learned that Y.E.S does not only extend to pavillion,KLCC,1utama and etc., even car dealers are dumping their old stocks. And today, i've been shopping with my uncle in one of the car dealer located in jalan gombak....And the funniest thing is, even the dealer is located 2 lampost away from my office, we decided to drive there in a KANCIL 850cc Auto.

Nissan Fuga 2.5
This is by far the prettiest 4 door nissan i've ever seen, It's got a 18' wheels, super squat, and that super white colour....OoooOOOOooo

Porsche cayenne 4.8s
21' rims, and 295 section tyres, Adrenalin-fed engine ---> B.A.D

Audi Q7 4.2s
cayenne=bad, Q7=GanGsta. If you see me driving this in your neighbourhood, you'll probably gonna see me doing this to you oo0oo

Mercedes Benz CLS350
Like all the other merc's, its not what i'd want to drive to school with, BUT i friggin love the sexy rear....and its toooo low, getting in and out is difficult

After spending nearly 2 hours, we came out with chequebooks still intact,....

Note: If you drive a kancil, dont ever bother to go visit these place, Nobody will ever come and LAYAN you...and also beware of the SEK.Q

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