Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Isuzu D max 2.5 Turbo

I've just got hold of the isuzu D-max 2.5 turbo 4X2 for review. This unit here cost around rm70k+, and its currently the second best selling pickup truck in malaysia besides Toyota Hilux.

This pickup feels underpowered compared to its biger engined brother which is at 3000cc, and this pickup is rear wheel driven. This pickup which like other pickups comes with wishbone independant front suspension, and rigid rear axle with leaf springs. In short the ride is bumpy and the rear felt unstable at mid corner bumps.

I'm not sure about the reliability of the suspension though, as the suspension components does not look solid enough. I've heard complaints from my cousin in Lahad datu Sabah, that even Toyota Hilux had hard time with the road conditions there. Doubt if the Dmax will survive there.

And, If i'm in a market for pickup trucks, and i don't go offroad, This Dmax will definitely get my money, because its cheap, BUT.... if i want a pickup that goes offroad, I'll take the TOYOTA

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