Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Fortis Pilot’s Chronograph Hungarian Air force Limited Edition Automatic

This is the Fortis chronograph Hungarian Air force limited edition automatic chronograph watch. I think it looks kinda special, with its titanium like finishing, and the air force logo on its dial, and only 200 of these will be produced,making them very rare.

I’m not sure what kind of engine is used here, but I found that there’s an annoying clunk, when I turn hour hands past 12 o clock. It is also very easy to tell them time at a glance becasue the dial is clearly marked and its big enough.

This watch belongs to a friend of mine, which he is going to sell it off…. Unfortunately, I’m not buying it, chiefly because it looks so much like a SEIKO or a CASIO, in other words VERY JAPANESE like, and the night lume is not that great either.

Damn… I’m starting to love FORTIS watches

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