Sunday, October 4, 2009

Review of the Fortis B-42 Marinemaster Automatic (white dial)

The beautifull fortis marinemaster white

No diver extension, what a turnoff

A lume shot

Nice and tight. The silicon bracelet grips your wrist securely

The gaps on the bracelet traps dirt, I have to clean it everyday.

That's all there is in the package, a small cheapo box, and 2 peices of paper...

The longest lasting lume that i've ever seen

Imagine wearing this to the disco!!!, You'll never have to buy neon sticks anymore

At first, I saw this particular watch thru the fortis magazine which I rarely see it because I’m not into this brand… BUT when I saw the b42 marine master, I was really attracted to the lume it offers. Since I am a fan of watches with bright lumes, I decided that this watch is the one to buy over the BALL Aviator GMT.

I bought this watch from THE HOURGLASS pavilion K.L, and it retails at around RM5, 910.00. I knew this watch quite a rare sight in K.L, thus without checking at other shops, I quickly grab it. Ohh… and there’s also a Fortis B42 marine master phantom which is also on sale and it also attracts my attention, but then the lume lets it down. BUT if I’m in the market for a sinister watch, the phantom will definitely be it, but right now, the white dial marine master will stay on my wrist at this particular moment.

Ok, the price of this watch is actually quite affordable and I think it gives superior value, considering the amount of watch you get. This watch looks different from the ones I saw from the fortis website, in real life, it actually looks bigger and prettier than the ones in the web, and its quite thick too, and the white strap really screams…. I mean it really attracts attention and it looks really really special. One thing about the strap too is that it doesn't have diver extension, a real letdown..:-(

The watch comes with some certificates, a dog tag, a box and nothing else…..thats it, not even a manual in sight.

The watch itself is made of steel, and it’s quite heavy, but the silicone strap helps it to grip your wrist securely and Its quite easy to scratch the watch simply because its thick. The silicone is thick, and the watch body is thick too, looks more like armband to me, but then I can’t refrain from saying how tough and solid it felt.

I’m not sure about the accuracy of the watch though, because I only had it for 2 days, I’ll probably leave an update here after 1 month of use, and after that I won’t know if it will still looks the same because I work with engines, and time will tell if dirt and oil will discolor the straps.

I also noticed that there is no screw in crown for this watch…...My perception on dive watches are that they must always have some kind of complex lock systems such as ones in rolex, panerai, and ball hydrocarbons, but this dive watch uses the normal push/pull system which is similar to the ones in Oris Williams F1 with 50m water resistant. I’ve read thru the watchuseek forum, and I found out that even without the crownlock, it can still outperform other dive watches which are more expensive than this, and FYI this watch is water resistant up to 200m/20 bar

The movement is a typical swiss ETA movement, but personally, I think this one spins more and faster than any other watches that I own, in other word it felt similar to the valjoux movement. The dial is very clear and easy to read, the day and date is also very clear and very sharp… but 1 thing that I would like to complain is the day indicator, which comes with `DUAL LANGUAGE’.

You can actually see the brightness of the lume yourself thru the pictures. 1 word….awesome……. This watch is currently the first in my last for brightness, and it even betters the BALL, of course it needs to be charged, but then after charged, its friggin bright, and it can last from night till dawn.

As for conclusion, I’ll probably rate a good 90% for this watch, simply because its really worth every single penny I paid for it, and it really feels solid, and even the straps are secured with screws, and not spring bars, and not to mention how special it feels on your wrist.

And the downside of this watch will probably be the color of this watch, because I find it a little hard to match my other clothes, and sometimes it will also tend to attract unwanted attention, because when you go from a sunny area into a darker ones, your watch will glow so brightly.

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