Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Yeoh: Yes! I think there shouldn't be any subsidies at all.

I've always loved how businessman mix politics and business together. In Malaysia where the government always told us on how friendly they in building a competitive and good business environment for Malaysian and foreigners, but eventually it all turned out to be just an empty promise.

I am a businessman, and i knew how lengthy it is for the government to approve permits. Red tapes and corruption means that anything that has to do with the government will obviously drain much of your resource, every time i need to get a permit for a heavy vehicle  in JPJ, those blardy flers will surely kick me to putrajaya, and after that back to JPJ again to check if it is registered in their computers...? WTF.

Another example for those who wants to start a business!. To register a company is fast, but to get approval from the police and fire department is extremely slow, not to mention that you need signboard permit,banner permit, trading license.....there goes my cheap petrol for travelling round and round K.L. Why cant they have it all under a roof? WTF?

In this video, he said some of his business are not subsidised and yet, he managed to make profit out of it and priced it lower for the consumers. At first you might think that this rich man here has not taken us, the mid income earners into consideration, but after a long taught, i'll say that he's got a good point there. Subsidies are good for us!, who doesn't like cheap fuel and sugar? But, take a minute and think about it!.
Do you want cheap fuel when the car you buy is one of the most expensive in the world?. Malaysians are obese and unhealthy and do you still want more sugar?

Listen to what francis yeoh has got to say, and you'll notice that he keeps attacking the GUV!!!

I'm too pissed off with dramas of incompetent politicians. I want to vote for a change, any party will do as long as it's not the ageing BN.

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