Monday, July 25, 2011

Diu loh Nahjip!!!

This is William Bourbon from France, He's a lawyer from France,he speaks french which means he's got no connection whatsoever with our Malaysian government, WHICH IS GREAT!!!.

This guy here had exposed the wrong doings of our current prime minister Najib on the scandalous Scorpene submarine deal and the connection to the Altantuya murder.

Kuala Lumpur: Just five months after induction, Malaysia's first submarine, a French made Scorpene has developed serious problems, raising question mark over India's acquisition of the same deepwater warfare machine.

The defects in the submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman, named after country's first Prime Minister, have delayed navy's tropical water trials which had to be stopped as the vessel was found unfit for diving, Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi told reporters.
The submarine, the first of the two, was purchased for a staggering 3.4 billion ringgits (USD 961 million). The defects forced a three-month delay in the completion of the trials with the manufacturer DCNS (France) having to extend the warranty.  
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French police have obtained "quite crucial documents" in the Scorpene submarines probe on whether French arms giant DCN had paid kickbacks to Malaysian officials, including Prime Minister Najib Razak, to secure the deal.
The 58-year old Najib had been the Defense minister sanctioning the acquisition in 2002. Even then, there had been much public unhappiness over the price which was seen as too expensive, and furthernore, the high-tech submarines considered as unsuitable for patrolling the country's shallow coastline. Right now, both ships are docked in Sabah and hardly used. There have also been reports of system malfunctions due to the unsuitability of the territorial waters.
"It is likely that in September we should have access to the first police conclusions from all the investigations that have taken place over the last 18 months. We know that the police seem to have obtained quite crucial documents," Asia Sentinel reported Paris-based lawyer William Bourdon assaying.
Looks like unless the French government is willing to help him out and muzzle the case, Najib may have run out of hiding places. Whatever time that he can buy will not last long either.
And to pundits familar with all the ramifications both at the Malaysian and French ends, it is impossible for him to escape scot-free. One way or another, they say he will have to explain to his people the true extent of his involvement, not just in the kickbacks but also in the Altantuya murder.
In fact, not even his UMNO party can save him. With the Scorpenes trial expected to be heard in the French open court in August or September, many of the party warlords are already gearing up to push him out and slam the door on his administration, which has been scarred by non-achievement, gutter politics and extensive corruption.
It does not help that in recent months, Najib has felt the pressure and added to his own discomfort by making several disastrous decisions. The most recent was ordering a violent crackdown on a citizens rally for free and fair elections two weeks ago. His fast-fading popularity and plunging credibility makes him an easy target now.
Rightfully, the BN government should have immediately lodged a compliant with the French authorities when news reports about the huge Scorpene kickbacks first came to light. However due to Najib's influence, no one in the Malaysian government has dared to call for a public probe so far.
Even a suspicious 114 million euros (RM570 million) side-deal granted to Baginda's firm, Perimekar, has been whitewashed in Parliament as a "services" and "maintenance" contract, when it is obvious that the obscure firm has no experience or track-record in such a high-tech industry.

Numerous reports have also been lodged by Malaysian citizens, who are alarmed that the RM7 billion price tag is still climbing. It is now apparent Najib may have hidden the full cost to Parliament, opting to gradually seek additional budget allocations to maintain the ships rather than to reveal at one-go the full 'damage' to taxpayers. Yet till now, Malaysian police as well as the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission have refused to initiate any investigation into the file at all.
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Yeap, you've read it, the big man up there is spending billions of our money in purchasing subs that can't dive and shoot. Maybe in the coming future when i am fortunate enough to buy a home, i'll built a underground bunker  or arm my garage chock full with M16 riffles.

My country is not secure, and the only thing securing us from threats are the peace loving Malaysian people themselves (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs). The government can only boast about how well they've armed their men and how good their tanks are, but really!, are they battle worthy?. The PDRM tok kok only pandai, but OMFG are they useless!!!, not to mention are how they acted like gangstas during the previous Bersih 2.0 rally. The court...well, there's no court!!!, Uncle Lingam can settle ma!!!.

Malaysians are generally a quarantined bunch, with government controlling the news that we read, the sugar that we consume, the petrol that we pump, the internet sites that we visit, and etc it will be very hard to get away from the clenched fist of the Government, unless you MIGRATE!!!. Malaysian had been exporting kids out of the country at an astounding rate, more and more parents are getting fed up with the government for being incompetent in raising our wages.

I do really hate the brain drain phenomena in Malaysia and it's been causing me to be SINGLE all this while because,  lovely and smart chics are all been exported overseas by their parents who themselves are feeling the crunch of raising food prices and low wages in Malaysia.

If one day, the big man Najib falls, and the demands of Bersih 2.0 is met, i could foresee that things could slowly turn better. I'm sorry but there's nothing much you could do now Mr. Najib. Your repute is kaput and you should retire ASAP before you end up like Mubarak's case.

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