Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Raja Petra Kamaruddin in conversation with Nicholas Farelly

Yup, its raja petra talking again, and this was recorded in ANU, and this was before admitted that he had been framing najib all along. I mean it's a little bit weird isn't it to be changing something that you've fought so hard for?. A couple of years ago, you've been barking very loudly on Najib, and now all of a sudden you come back and say that it's all a ploy?. Yea kiss me rear.....

The reason i post this video is because i really loved the way he talks. I've seen most of his video on youtube recently, and his speech will wow you into disbelieve. He's calm when he talks, and every time he's been bombarded with a question, he can joke it out from that situation. I don't know this guy, but i loved the way he delivers his speech, and it is millions of miles better than our prime minister does.

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