Thursday, July 7, 2011

Am I the love doctor?.

I've not blogged for a long long time now. My last post was just a short and sloppy job of uploading several photos onto the server. The reason for this is because the time i had for blogging is just so limited that i rather not write anything here.

I've been in UK for a month now, and i'm starting to miss some of the guyz back in my country!. Sometimes i'd wonder why do you bother to think about the shyt that happens back in your country?. Right from where i am, i'd saw new of Malaysian rallying againts their government, racism,corruption and  lots more that i rather not talk about.

Since there is NO "The Star" paper here, most of the students here rely on the internet for news on their country, and boy oh boy, you've got to see it to believe it!. Now, if anybody asked me about my country of origin, i might give it a thought, and answer Hong Kong instead!.

Now, forget about politics, I'm too lazy to talk about the sloppy GUV back home, let's talk about something more interesting such as dating?. Here in U.K, i've had many followers, the reason for this is chiefly because i help settle many of their love problems. I gave the hopeless hope and the mindless ideas, and after all this they've gave me a tittle of Doc. Funny?....Taught so!!!!.

But seriously this shyt really happens. I've been so good at coaching them that i've failed to do so to myself. I've tried so hard to do something that i've never taught i could have done which is dating, and it failed on me miserably. I've tried to approach them, buy them a drink, asked them out, and all the thing that worked for the other patients, but it doesn't seem to work for me, and all of these failures pulled down my morality and repute. Honestly, i'd want to ask if any of you guyz ever ever been rejected for 4 times in a row for a date?, NO?.

Maybe i'm the only guy here to have failed to do so 4 times in a row, but what the hell? I don't blame my momma for giving birth to me. I've suspected the problem is because i don't know how to spot the "single" and "non-single" signs!.

Honestly,  i'd think that malaysian chinese student here are so friggin conservative man. They will never give a damn about you if you just walk in front of them and start a conversation, furthermore blind date never existed in their dictionary either.

There's also one thing which is definitely hate about these Malaysian chinese student here is thier habit of making defensive walls around their prized possessions.

These Chinese boys, goes to a club, drink, dance and build human walls around their female friends which is basically imprisoning them from the desperate guyz whose watching them from the outer wall. Cmon girls, you're here to have fun is it? why go to a club with your stewpet guy friends that keeps imprisoning you?.

You girls gotta get out of the circle, because the guyz that's been imprisoning you all along isn't going to give you happiness and the freedom you want, furthermore i dont even think he can afford to buy you a 12 carat diamond.

Those species of people will not go far in life, and if i were you, i would ditch those LOSER who's building the walls and go for the guy who's been watching on you across the dance floor all night.

You've only got 1 life, and my advice is don't give it to the LOSERS.

You may think i'm wrong, but i don't doubt my judgment. Hey, every doctor has his own prescription!!!!


  1. yah yah .. i gOt 12 carat diamOnd hErE .. bUt i dOn't knOw whO tO givE it tO .. wE'vE tO brEak thE wall dUdE ..

  2. You're right SEN, guyz like us are so high profile that some of the girls will find it difficult to reach. Maybe we should lower it in order to get a girl?....Nuh, forget it!!!! I am who I am.

    We guyz are too tired of buying drink for girls, treating them with free entertainment then in the end gets rejected.....F**k it man. I'd say we do the reverse. Let them dig for the diamond themself, let them build wall around us.

    Let's bring down "Operation Human wall"