Saturday, September 12, 2009

A trip to Kuala Selangor

Family carrier took all five of us there safely and comfortably

Look at the fisherman, chubby and fair… looks like he spent more time on his comfy couch rather than on his sampan.

Yaya, praying to god again…. So what? Cari makan susah le, need some divine intervention

This is currently my 6th time here in kuala Selangor, Daddy like to come to this place to buy super duper fresh seafood. As for me, I just tag along hoping that we would find a place to have super nice seafood restaurant….. but after several times here, guess I wont be finding any.

In kuala Selangor, there’s a small village call pasir penambang, The village here is the most happening place to be if you’re in kuala Selangor.

After coming here for the 6th time, there’s still nothing really special that I would like to blog about, except that the seafood here is friggin cheap, and fresh.

One more thing I notice is that the fisherman here is fairer than the ones I see further up in sabak bernam. Hmmm. I sense something weird here, I guess they probably sell subsidized diesel for a living rather than their catch.

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