Sunday, September 6, 2009

Goodbye to the old family carrier

This good ol estima 3.0 used to be my family’s minibus cum bas persiaran slash bas sekolah, but one fine day the alpha male in the family decided that it is time for it to go.

I really miss this people carrier though, it is so useful on long haul journeys, gobbling few days of luggage’s without breaking a sweat, and yet still leaves enough room for you to stretch my sexy and long legs.

Well….like what my uncle Frankie sezzz…. If the old ones don’t go, the new wont come
Welll…. Taaaaadahhhhh….. MPVexecutive saloon

I don’t know why would he go for a 5 seater saloon, Its friggin cramped, I cant stretch my sexy legs, and there’s no captains chair. But there’s one thing I know for sure is that the alpha male loves his “MAR-SILLY- Benz)

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