Saturday, September 12, 2009

Review of the Tag Heuer F1

Everytime I look at the picture of this watch, it saddens me because some Rempit guy rob me of it, and hurt me in the process, but then I still have to carry on and do the review for this watch, and luckily I have taken a set of photos before the incident happen. (not sure if its lucky or sui thou)

Ok, let’s get back to the topic, first of all, the price of this watch is appx. Rm2200, but after some negotiating at the watch boutique, I managed to buy it at rm1970 with the stainless steel bracelet. My dad used to tell me that the Chinese have a saying that goes “Cheap things isn’t always good, Good things is always not cheap”, well I can tell you that this Chinese proverb does not apply to this watch. It is the cheapest TAG you can get in the market, and the quality shames its more expensive brothers.

First of all this watch measures at 40mm in diameter which looks a little smallish on my thick, over-nourished wrist. It feels pretty comfortable too, and the bracelet never feels too tight even though clinging securely on my wrist, and it doesn’t dislocate easily.

The watch feels very durable and well made, its got rubber inserts on its side, its got a titanium rotating bezel which feels very nice to rotate and delivers superior feedback and tactility when rotated. The winding crown and bezel is finished with black PVD coating which makes it is very scratch resistant and looks classy.

The dial of the watch is very readable in all conditions, and the generous area of luminova coating makes it possible to read even in the dark. No complaints here.

This watch uses a quartz movement (battery powered), though I’m not sure of the model code, and the frequency it produces, one thing that I am sure about is its accuracy which is very good.
This Tag has also followed me to my usual swimming pool trips, and at 200meters it will not break a sweat.

One thing that I do not like about this watch is the way it looks. It’s a TAG heuer watch that looks like a Swatch watch, too common

And as for conclusion.

-Cheap and high quality product. Other watch maker will never give you PVD and titanium at this price.

-comfortable to wear

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