Saturday, September 19, 2009

The review of the Ball Engineer Moonphase

I bought this watch from a friend which is having a financial problem, at a super cheap price of Rm3,600.00, which he bought from CORTINA watch a month ago at rm5k.

What really attracted me to this watch is that it looks classy, elegant, without being too flashy, and the dial with its wavy pattern looks exquisite

The watch itself is encased in shiny stainless steel, and a crystal sapphire glass which is slightly domed. The combination of the domed glass and the reflective chrome case makes the watch really shiny and glossy. Like other ball watches, this one is quite heavy too.

This ball moonphase comes with a leather strap, but I’ve changed it to a silicone strap, because the leather strap supplied is not water proof and it absorbs sweat, No good when I wear it to work, but it feels very comfortable on my wrist.

I noticed that this watch doesn’t scream about its ability. The hydrocarbon, and fireman have water resistant, shock resistant, anti magnetic, anti freeze written all over its watch case, but this Ball moonphase only has anti magnetic written at the back of the case. After numerous swimming pool trip, I can say that it’s at least 100m water resistant, and I don’t think snorkeling and shallow water diving is going to give it a hard time.

And the most interesting part will be the luminescent capability. This watch has got some problem with its lume. I’m not sure if it’s a defect or something, but I can’t help but to compare it with my ball hydrocarbon and fireman, and this moonphase pales in comparison with them. Its got the same T25 lume, but when it comes to night reading it is still not as bright as the cheapo fireman, and there’s also inconsistent brightness in the number 3 position.

As for conclusion, this watch is reliable, accurate, and comfortable without being arrogant which is suitable if you wear it every day. And the 2 problem I had with this watch is its small size and low brightness of the lume.

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