Sunday, July 18, 2010

My new obsession: The alienware M17x

I've just ditched my ol dell inspiron 9400 for a spanking new alienware M17x gaming lappy. This beast here weighs more than 4Kg, and it aint pleasant to haul one around, but the looks and the attention it attracts more than makes up for that. This laptop is so good chiefly because it has 2 of everything, hard drives, graphics card, processor cores, and a screen that generally bigger than (just looks at the power adapter).

The high resolution screen (1920x1200) together with the nvidia SLI provides the eye candy that i've never experienced in any laptop before, and So far a week of owning it i must say that i'm very happy with its performance and its looks, and i find myself constantly changing colours to suit my mood. But the only gripe i've got with this laptop is its stability issues. I'm not sure if its alienware or windows that should take this blame but i've lost count of how many times it crashed and the frustrating moments i've had with the built in slot loading Optiarc CD/DVDrw drive which doesnt seem to work with some of my DVD's and those "ahem" discs.

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