Saturday, July 31, 2010

Review of the Proton Exora 1.6 auto

I’m lucky to get my hand on my friend’s Proton Juara 1.6 that he just bought. This little MPV here sits 7 people without problem. I myself is 6 feet tall, and I don’t find any problems sitting at the third row seats although getting to the third row is a problem. Overall this MPV is spacious enough to fit 7 people onboard and long journeys (1 hr) won’t easily tire the occupants courtesy of the comfy “Benches” and very good aircond system for the rear as well with separate blowers. Interior looks nice with clear and bright dashboard and controls are easy to reach, ergonomics is OK

I felt the car strained itself during the test drive with 7 people on board, well its logical to assume that for a family MPV that fits 7 and with cargo to haul, do you think a 1600cc engine can be up to task? Apparently Proton engineers said YES.

The ride quality is acceptable, better than a Nissan Murano but not better than Toyota Estima, no further comments can be given as I didn’t drive aggressively because the owner is sitting next to me at that moment. The suspension arrangement is typical of a MPV, independent at front and torsion beam at rear.

As for quality wise, I think it’ll disappoint many. The first impression of opening the doors had already let me down. The doors open and close with a hollow sound, even the boot and engine hood sounds ridiculously tinny, furthermore, the interior trim is so hard that it seems as though as its made out of rhinoceros hide, and glued into place with cement, A piece of shit if you ask me.
As for conclusion, if i am in the market for a MPV that cost around 80k, I’ll definitely definitely not buy this, because the quality of it make me feel unsafe in it…… Sorry proton for bashing your product, I really liked to support our local product, but it seems that every car that rolls out from your production seems to be like shit.

Anyway, the pictures were snapped with my HTC hd2 sorry for the cheap quality

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