Thursday, April 8, 2010

U deserve it Mr Ong TK

U talk lots of cock during the MCA general election, but now who's the cock? vacate your seat pls.

I'm really pissed off with this guy here, and so is my other business associates. This transport minister had not done much to solve problems faced by us *The motor vehicle industry particularly*.

1) JPJ still as corrupted as ever (ppl still using dark tinted windows, superbright lamps,mod kau kau)

2) Lorries in malaysia are mostly overloaded but yet what has been done?
Trucks in japan have a GVW of 7000kg, but the same truck in malaysia is 5000kg. This makes most of us pay extra extra just to get the vehicle registered.

3) ALWAYS TUKAR SYSTEM U fellas always tukar format/system/undang-->I dah pening syiot.

4) JPJ makes its own laws For got sake, integrate you system with the government other departments la.

Anyway bye bye mr ong, and say hello to the new sugar daddy Mr ah lek

Cari makan is so friggin susah now, even politicians have 2 jobs now---> politician by day, pornstar by night, *salute* to mr ah lek, you've showed us how big your balls are. Must be pretty "MAN" thing to admit that you can rub shoulder with mr tiger huh?

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