Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's day

1) Millions of stalks of roses had been harvested and presented to ones females just to please them and show that the male could afford a gift.

2) Chocolates had been selling like hotcakes. Poor guys buys this as an alternative to viagra because its been found that chocolates have shown to have an aphrodisiac effect and its much cheaper than the pill.

3) Condoms which had been sitting in the 7-11 shelves for a year is quickly snapped up within a day. Males tend to be horny on valentines, and they buy all sorts of fancy things for 1 purpose and ONE only to get in between your legs.Girls should also be wary because some guys go to the extend of purchasing  cheap or worse expired condoms.....

4) lingerie's should also fly off the shelf. Since this year valentines coincides with Nabi's Bday, expect a full moon tonight, and expect lots of extra horny males and females getting that X-tra URGE.

5) Guyz tends to want to drive MPV/ vans or large sedans on that night, and after having oyster and chocolate for dinner, be prepared to head up that secluded and quiet hill for some BANGIN in the car.

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