Monday, August 17, 2009

Daniel is Dying

Photo taken few weeks before he went for surgery.

Wow, time goes by really fast don’t you think?, It’s been nearly a year since my friend Daniel told me about his health problem. I remembered that day we had lunch with Damien in Old town Tmn Melati, when he told me that he’s going to die very soon coz of the growth on his back.

The conversation goes like this:-

Me : Hey Thai ko, apa maciam?

Daniel : Tak baik la

Me : Apa sai tak baik?

Daniel : I think I’m gonna die soon coz got growth at my back.……(looking sad, while he shows us the lump)

Me : Eeww, looks like u kena bitten by AsianRainforestMosquito, but don’t worry judging by the size of the lump, I think you’ll survive past Christmas.

Daniel: I’ll survive, I’m going to have it removed next week.

Me : wish u luck Thai ko, but if you can’t make it, I’ll be prepared…, Don’t worry, I will do whatever I can to help you take care of your SISTER.

*Daniel’s wound had fully recovered, he is very happy at the fact that it is not cancerous, and still be able to enjoy his life fully.

Although fully recovered, his wallet is severely battered to the point where he is still servicing his loan for the medical bill.

Thus, from this story I hope the readers here will contribute to “ Tabung Selamatkan Daniel” by visiting this page more often. (1 visit by you=1 cent for Daniel)

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