Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My New Year

Firsly i would like to wish all my readers a happy chinese new year. Hope that you will acheive what is possibly the best for you this year.

This year's chinese new year is probably the most unhappening new year i had. I only had 2 days of holiday, and i was forced to work on the third day of CNY.

OK, so i ate loads and loads of home cooked food during the celebration, i put on weight, and i lost count of the amount of ang pows i received. This year, i was questioned countless times by my relatives and my friends whether i am married or if i had a girl friend? I`m feeling the pressure alright!.

i`ve always told myself that the best candidate is difficult to find here in Malaysia as they had been exported out of the country by thier parents. Why oh why??.

I'll try my best to find her though, but meanwhile i'll concentrate on what i love the most.....moooneyh moooneyh $$$$$$.I had a list of to do this year, they are:-

1) Drive a sports car
2) A nice maurice lacroix skeleton watch
3) and someone which i can talk to.

I've noticed that i've not posted much oh timepeices for some time now. I just wish i could get my hands on more of them, so i could review them.

Anyway keep tab on this site, i'll try hard to update more often.

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