Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Where are the youths?, Where are the retired people?

I've not been posting anything for sometime now, and here I go, ending my month long hiatus with something about my beloved country again.

It seems that wherever i go, i noticed something strange after few months away from my motherland. I've start to notice more and more immigrants within my area in Klang valley. From chefs to tourist agents,money changers, employment agencies and etc, are some of the sectors where they ruled.

I see a general pattern in this country, and it seems that unskilled immigrants far outnumbered the skilled. This pattern is well known by most Malaysian, and we are well aware of the dependency on them.

Let me point out that i'm not here to spread discrimination or whatsoever, but I'm really puzzled on why they are so many of them here?. Are they legal or illegal?

From what i see, they are many of them which holds a stable job, and again i would like to question if its legal or illegal?.

Where are the youths?, where are the retired people?. These 2 groups of people should be the one that should be holding jobs instead of the immigrants. These 2 people are the ones that pays taxes and contributed to the motherland, and yet they are not employed?.

I believe the problem lies in our loose border control, and corruption. It seems that the illegals kept pouring in. I read the STAR headlines few days ago, and it reported that how the ROYAL NAVY managed to capture some pirates trying to hijack a ship. I salute to the ROYAL NAVY for their excellent job, they are really good at what they do. My point is no matter how good their job is, it seems that they are still "leaking Indonesians and Bangladeshi", well, some-ONE must have closed an eye, or slacked on his job.

Every Malaysian knows that the crime rate is very high, it's too high that the some respective authorities don't even want to publish the real figure. Most of these crimes go unpunished because the crime enforcer slacked in their job.

The bottomline is TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF.

If you're in trouble, YOU are in trouble. Nobody else is going to help you. If there is, their intention is only to get you into further trouble by robbing you.

Make sure you plan your retirement properly, because you basically are the burden to the Malaysian society. Nobody's gonna employ you. You are ALONE.

Eat Fast food more often (eg. Mc Donalds,KFC..etc) because they seems to be the company that absorbs our Malaysian youths into their workforce. BAN mamak restaurants because they only want to make Malaysian ringgit, and don't intend to absorb our people into their workforce.

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