Thursday, October 28, 2010


Recently i've been on the lookout for sling bags or document bag to contain all my college stuffs, since its quite a free semester, i reckon that i don't need a big bag after all, thus i went shopping and there i stumbled upon a brown COACH Signature Messenger Bag paraded in one of the shops, went in, checked it out and paid for it.

A few days before buying this, i've reminded myself to get a louis vuitton sling bag and i've repeated it countless times enough that the word LV resonates in my ear even when entering the boutique, but UNFORTUNATELY i came out with a COACH.

This sling bag is Quite high in quality, and since its my first coach bag, i'd like to do a small review on it. You can typically summarise it in a few short word that is> Great value at low price. Don't get me wrong because it ain't cheap here in Malaysia as it retails at 2.3k, but with that much money, i'm getting a quality that is very NEAR to the ones of LV but priced lower. The primary reason i've bought this coach is because i can't afford the LV Damier sling which cost nearly 5k.

Now after months of using it, all i can say about it is it suck. The Varchetta leather on the cover is not waterproof and it will stain easily when exposed to water, thus i can't clean it with water. Also the light brown colour is susceptible to dirt, and any smudges on the bag can be easily seen.

I've seen the review in the web, and some of them treat this bag as a diaper bag!!!!. I'd like to keep it with me as long as i could, because i will like to use it as a diaper bag as well......This is not an excellent document bag.

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