Saturday, August 7, 2010

Review on the Nissan Murano or Impul 725SW SUV

This Nissan Murano or Impul 725SW SUV 4x2, specifications as follows:-

 Engine capacity: The QR25DE is a 2.5 L (2488 cc)
Bore and stroke: 89mm x 100mm
Compression ratio: 9.5.1
Power output : 175 HP / 130KW @ 6000rpm
Torque: 180 ft.lbf at 4000rpm

Performance wise, its just merely OK from the 2.5litre unit, as it need to haul something that's around 1.8tonnes. A hard drive on the stretches of genting highlands will expose all the weaknesses of the handling of any vehicles, and this big SUV is not exempted. This SUV gives a bumpy ride on rough roads even though it has a long travel suspension. The low speed ride is terrible, and small ridges rattled their way into the cabin, and even those fantastic and cushy seats cant seems to hold you in properly in place because the ride can get so bumpy that you will constantly find yourself adjusting your bottom very often.
When cornering, this SUV tends to lurch thru the corners. The amount of body roll is OK, but when cornering, it tends to feel front heavy, making cornering entry feels scary. Thankfully the steering feels is good and accurate, but there's not much feels to it.
The brakes on the other hand feels just 'sufficient' to stop this SUV, perhaps its because of the long travel pedal? The brakes also tend to cook easily, because when i reached the foothill of genting highland, i found myself slamming harder on the brakes to stop.

On highway runs, this thing feels more comfortable, partly due to its smooth CVT gearbox. The engine is spinning at merely 2000rpm when doing 120-130kmh, and at speeds of up to 160kmh, the cabin remains very quiet. But in town the CVT behaves differently, because i found myself braking more frequently in heavy traffic.The gear ratio can be so high that a dab on the accelerator can bring the vehicle so far away. Fuel consumption of this vehicle is relatively high, and i average around 6.4 - 7.3Km/litre when driving around town , but when driving on the highways it improves at around 10-11km/litre.

The interior of this cruiser is a very comfortable place to be in, because it is spacious, the big and cushy seats are comfy feels supportive just like couch would, and it is quiet. Driving controls feels good,  tactility is OK, ergonomics is OK but the overall build quality feels somewhat poor. The doors don't close with a solid "Thud", the back tonneau cover rattles when going over bumps, and door handles that feels too filmsy.
The rear seats are very spacious and comfy, and it can fit 3 big and tall fellas back there comfortably. The keyless entry feature is very usefull, as well as the rear and side camera that becomes indispensable when parking this vehicle in tight spaces.

As conclusion the the ownership of this SUV, i'd say its best suited for highway runs, because its the only place where i find it relaxing to travel in, and also won't scare me. Most auto magazines will tell you how good this SUV is, but let me tell you that it ISN'T, and the only reason why i end up owning this Murano is because there is no other car in the market that is this stylish,big,have good ground clearance, good standard specs, and within the 2500cc range.

The way it drives feels 'similar' to the KIA SORENTO.

Sorry for the poor picture quality,  its taken with my HD2 again, lost my lumix yesterday

Update 16/4/2010

Taken the Nissan Murano 3.5 AWD for a spin and it is different compared to the IMPUL tuned units. For one the ride is smoother and much much more comfy, but with extra weight at the front, it feels a little more nose heavy when cornering hard. Also, the Nissan Murano rolls more in corners.

So the  Impul 725 is actually, a tuned up version of the nissan murano, that has a terribly harder ride, and a little bit more enjoyable when cornering hard.


  1. Thanks for a wonderful review. I still prefer the Toyota Estima ACR50. I think Toyota Alphards are the worst vehicles to drive despite having that upper end appeal to those driving only Innovas or Unsers.

    Your comment about the easy to accelerate in town area is quite common in some small japanese cars nowadays. I think its to give the customer the impression that it has the get up and go feel but really it is all exposed on the highway and loses out to all big german cars despite having similar size cc engines.

    Another thing that I noticed is Murano and similar vehicles like this have received a common complaint- blind spots and causing people around the vehicle's pillars to swerve or meet with an accident. Here is where the Toyota Estima ACR50 with it's extra wide windows beats a lot of mpv and suv, making it a lot safer to change lanes and see what is around together with its cameras onboard.


  3. Hey I driven Murano before. From the pictures inside here, the owner obviously do not know much about tyres!
    You obviously pumped it too high. Any car would be feel hard under high pressure.

    The one I driven has Yokohama tyres and drives beautifully and is superior to any Estima or Alphard over potholes! I driven it many times in Old PJ and Port Klang.

    The only thing I do not like is the front grilles. They look like tooth braces to me, other than that, it certainly drives much better particularly on potholed and uneven roads than the popular Toyota Harrier.

  4. anna: I didn't encounter any problem when driving it around tight parking spots nor do i encounter blind spots. The side and rear cameras are a god send, and if you're shopping for one, make sure u check that option box.

    Hermann: yes, the murano is quite sensitive to non original parts such as one from taiwan or korea. "BE SURE" to use ONLY original NISSAN parts.

  5. I haven't checked in here for some time as I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I'll add you back to my daily bloglist. You deserve it my friend :)
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